Dance Fit Sydney is owned and operated by Tracie Murray.

Tracie is a professional dance and exercise instructor who has been   teaching for the past 28 years. During this time, Tracie has taught in   schools, shopping centres, festivals, dance events and regular weekly  classes to students of all ages. 

She has a love for teaching seniors and beginners in hopes that they  know that it's never too late to start an exercise program. 

A lover of music and dance, Tracie enjoys teaching and is grateful to  have had such wonderful support from her fellow students over the past 28 years who have now become her second family.







*Fitness Diploma (Personal Trainer / Group Fitness Instructor)

*Senior Exercise Certification

*First Aid/Senior First Aid & CPR Certificate


*Certificate (Dance Skills)

*Certificate (Improving Aerobic Fitness)

*Certificate (Exercise & Mental Health)

*OneMusic Australia Licence

*WWCC:  WWC1961018E

*Criminal History Check Certificate






PO Box 322 Padstow NSW 2211

 Phone:  0419 999 650




  Dance Fit Sydney